The Moorestown Township Public Schools administers two major assessments:

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)  is a computerized adaptive assessment program that provides teachers with information they can use to improve teaching and learning. MAP will measure academic growth over time, independent of grade level or age.


New Jersey’s statewide assessment program is designed to measure the extent to which all students at the elementary-, middle- and secondary-school levels have attained New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Content Standards.


Information regarding New Jersey's testing accommodations can be viewed at the following site (

NJPEP has a website that contains very useful information for parents interested in sample test questions, test specifications, and basic overviews of each state assessment.  Click on the the link to visit the website (

If you need any other information that you could not find above, please click on the following link that will take you to New Jersey's Department of Education home page for Assessment and Evaluation (

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